Inspiring safer workplace behavior

Recently members of the workgroup Brain Based Safety were welcomed by Philips Environment, Health and Safety specialists at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Ton Arends and Pieter Rooyakkers, both safety consultants at Philips Environment, Health & Safety, organized this event on exchange of views encouraging highly educated personnel to behave safely at the workplace.

Developing a ‘Safety Scan’ for measuring safe workplace behavior

The main topic of the day was to find key performance indicators and develop characteristics for measuring safe workplace behavior. Juni Daalmans presented advanced insights, derived from studies by Zohar and Luria (2005), showing that the behavior of managers in relation to workplace safety in an organization appears to be a predictor of the number of incidents that will occur. Daalmans, author of ‘Human Behavior in Hazardous Situations’ is developing a ‘Safety Scan’ to measure aspects of workplace behavior that correlate strongly with the number of incidents.