How to improve efficiency and speed of your innovation process

In our experience, successful business today requires a constant stream of innovative products, on a global scale and in a predictable way. Businesses must be effective in making the right choices and efficient in using resources. This, in turn, puts pressure on innovation processes.

By Wil van Mil, Senior Innovation Consultant, Industry Consulting, Philips Engineering Solutions

Drive growth and create value for your business

Industry Consulting can help you improve the processes vital to constant, predictable innovation, thereby driving growth and creating value for your business. Through turnkey projects, we start by analyzing your Innovation process, followed by an improvement plan with practical steps and implementation of a new process, including change management. The new process is then anchored as a basis for continuous improvement.

Partners, suppliers and lean manufacturing

Today, product development requires the involvement of multiple partners. We help you determine whether and how to involve suppliers early in your development process in order to exploit the knowledge of your suppliers. We also offer thorough assessment of your innovation processes, for example, using industry standards (CMMI, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, EFQM/PBE). We can introduce new development approaches in your organization, based upon the latest industry trends.

IT tools: indispensable to product development

We help you bridge the gap between your development process requirements and the growing range of IT tools, such as portfolio & project management systems, configuration management systems and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems. Our extensive knowledge of business processes helps you select and deploy the right tools, in a way that your developers will welcome. Translating new ideas into innovative products and putting them to the market rapidly is increasingly important. Not just for a single new product, but also to generate a stream of new innovative products.

Merging organizations need optimized & aligned processes

Globalization trends mean organizations across the globe must work together during product development, which means processes must be aligned and harmonized. We can help you to set-up and guide these change programs in a systematic way, and bridge cultural and historical gaps through major change efforts.

Industry Consulting’s extensive knowledge and experience in systematic innovation process improvement includes assessment techniques and approaches for planning and implementing process improvement programs. Proven approaches and hands-on, seasoned professionals help you make the right innovation process choices and use your resources cost effectively.

Introducing three levers for ongoing improvement of the innovation management process

Image: Lever 3 – Continuously improving development productivity and speed to market: End-to-End increasing speed, reducing costs and creating better innovations by applying lean development practices.