Digital healthcare solutions – From big data to clinical impact

Keynote presentation of Hans Hofstraat at Medtech & Pharma Platform conference

On October 24 and 25, the annual conference of Medtech & Pharma Platform takes place in Basel. Philips Engineering Solutions recently joined the Medtech & Pharma platform as a member and initiated one of the keynote speeches. Hans Hofstraat, Vice President and Research Program Manager at Philips Research, fulfilled this role and talked about healthcare solutions and how big data can lead to clinical impact.

Digital healthcare solutions, leveraging ‘clinical data’ and advanced analytics provide increased efficiency, more precision in diagnosis and therapy selection and therapy delivery, and will reduce waste in the healthcare system. At the basis of the digital healthcare transformation, advanced, high-tech instrumentation generating the clinical data, is coupled with advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence. Innovative value-added and integrated care solutions need to be developed to better meet customer needs and capture greater value of the clinical data explosion in healthcare. Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud connected devices can play an important role when it comes to digital solutions for integrated and continuous care.

In the presentation, Dr. Hofstraat discussed examples of digital healthcare solutions and what their impact is in terms of the Quadruple Aim: improved health outcomes, improved patient experience, improved staff satisfaction and lower cost of care.

The Medtech & Pharma Platform is an international industry association dedicated to enhancing synergies between medtech and pharmaceutical companies. The MPP provides a forum for both industries to exchange knowledge and to collaborate in technology and regulatory areas. Other members include Novartis, Ypsomed and Edwards Lifesciences.

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