Curing insurmountable yield or reliability issues

New approach provides swift and sustainable solutions

Eindhoven, Netherlands – Remember UEFA Euro 2016 Soccer Championship this summer? The shirts of the Swiss team tearing on virtually every contact? How can this happen with top brand products on this high exposure event? Inconsistent yield in manufacturing is a constant challenge these days of ever faster changes. Same holds true for insufficient product reliability. Both usually are occurring at the same time. Especially where innovation and fast time-to-market is involved, unexpected incidents may emerge. Do you recognize that for unexplained reasons yield is high this week and the next it is low?

Adaptations of the manufacturing processes and wide-ranging root cause analysis have not led to the required reliability improvement. What can be wrong? How come one product functions properly and the other from the same line is faulty? Is it due to innovative ways of manufacturing, new materials, variable output demand, staffing, approach in quality control? Why does this unpredictable yield occur? And more importantly, how do we get to grips with it ASAP?

Solving an insurmountable problem in one week?

Philips Engineering Solutions launches an effective integral initiative to discover root causes of unpredictable reliability and manufacturing yield issues in just a couple of days. A team of specialist consultants, with profound experience in the total product creation and manufacturing processes, are applying new methodologies that help you find root causes quickly. We include all stakeholders of the entire product creation process, stimulating an open minded fresh look at the situation. Our experts can assist you discovering essential shortcomings and issues and conceiving the path to solutions in a matter of days, sometimes even quicker. It may sound incredible. Just read more about our service.

Stakeholders are leaving no stone unturned

All relevant levels of design, R&D, manufacturing, customer service and others are contributing to this process. In ‘pressure cooking’ sessions, together we are reviewing requirements, architecture, processes, materials, management, risk assessment, etc. from all possible angles, leaving no stone unturned. This brings virtually all root causes to the surface and provides the appropriate insights for resolution of the issues. The outcome is put into internationally established best practice recommendations and concrete approach, including time plan and resources to resolve the situation in the best and quickest way possible. This process usually is lasting no longer than a week.

Not just theory, also practical support

After this first step, our specialists can provide further assistance in increasing reliability and predictability in product creation processes as well as their end results. They also possess deep knowhow in advanced manufacturing techniques that enable you to professionally implement the needed adaptations.

Is your manufacturing causing constant headaches at the moment? Why not talk to us and find out how we can quickly help you get back on track again. For information about this new and highly effective solution, you can read more about our service Integrated product quality in manufacturing.


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