Cooperation Fontys PRO Health and Philips Engineering Solutions offer Basic course ionizing radiation

Did you know that Fontys Pro Health and Philips Engineering Solutions have joint forces?

In 2019, we announced our cooperation to be able to offer courses regarding radiation protection while working with medical devices.

Both Fontys Pro Health and Philips Engineering Solutions want to meet the need for courses for radiation protection officers, RPO, (in Dutch: Toezichthoudend Medewerker Stralingsbescherming, TMS), among others in the field of medical applications. Besides courses for RPO, there is a need of courses on the basic principles of ionizing radiation, which Fontys PRO Health and Philips Engineering Solutions also want to meet.

By offering these courses together, we are able to combine the expertise of Fontys and Philips Engineering Solutions, as you could read in the published article “Philips Engineering Solutions and Fontys Paramedical College join forces”

Basic course ionizing radiation

After the necessary preparations, the time had finally come. On February 11th 2020, we started with the basic course ionizing radiation. Frank van Welie (teacher MBRT) and Tanja van Cranenbroek (radiation protection expert Philips Engineering Solutions) developed a two days course to introduce students in the world of ionizing radiation.

During the course topics such as “what is radiation”, “where does radiation come from” and “which types of radiation do we know” were discussed.

As expected, the dangers of ionizing radiation, like tissue reaction and stochastic effects were also covered. In addition, the students were taught more about the ALARA principle and the measures employees can take to protect themselves against ionizing radiation.


The teachers offered the subject matter during interactive lectures. At the start of a new topic, the teachers asked questions to be able to determine the level of knowledge of the students. At the end of each topic, the teachers asked questions, to be able to determine what the students had learned. During practical lessons, the students performed measurements of an X-ray system and background radiation.

Frank and Tanja chose to determine the level of knowledge of the students because the background of the students was diverse. Some students work in hospitals, others work in a laboratory or in an industrial environment. In addition, the knowledge of ionizing radiation varied. Some students have years of experience. Other students just started working with ionizing radiation.

Appreciation course

At the end of the second day of the course, the students filled in an evaluation form. The students rated the course positive with an average of 7.8 out of 10! We are very happy with this score. We will use the tips of the students to improve the next course.

The basic course ionizing radiation will be offered again in September 2020. For more information and registration click here ›

Radiation protection courses

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