Colleague Henk Vaes wins Ir. Noordhofprijs in the field of mechatronics

Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Philips Engineering Solutions is proud to announce that Henk Vaes won the prestigious Ir. Noordhofprijs. He receives this award for his outstanding performance in the field of mechatronics. The Ir. Noordhofprijs is a yearly prize for the best professional in the metal, construction and mechatronics field of expertise.

Mechanic product prototyping expert

Henk Vaes works on mechanic product prototyping. He was put forward as a nominee for the Ir. Noordhofprijs by his team from the Product prototyping group of Philips Engineering Solutions. For Henk Vaes it is a great experience to be honored by his colleagues by being nominated. Next it was rewarding to show his family how much he is appreciated for his expertise and skills in the field of mechatronics. During the Ir. Noordhofprijs all-day event, the nominees had a stand. Here Henk Vaes demonstrated one of the many mechatronic prototypes he and the Product prototyping group have made.

Motivation for winning the award in the mechatronic field

The motivation for electing Henk Vaes for the Ir. Noordhofprijs from the committee: “An enthusiastic colleague with broad experience and a keen interest in mechanics. He devises creative solutions to difficult technical challenges and executes these with great skill. He deals well with clients and loves to share his knowledge with colleagues and interns. He is someone who knows how to interest others for technology, he is a true ambassador for the profession.”

More information

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