Change management hack #15-2017

Getting actual results out of a transformation is where the rubber hits the road, but there are a few pitfalls to conquer. Decisions agreed to do not guarantee results. Neither does an action list. And neither does a booya experience at the end of four exhausting off-site days interspersed with physical activities that are challenging.

What gets actual results?

A cadence – same group, same time, same place (can be virtual) – one half hour on:

  • What did we complete the last two weeks?
  • What are we doing the next two weeks?
  • Who needs help?

Until it’s done.

Cadence: speaking to one another, face to face or video to video, or even voice to voice. Change happens in the dialogues we share on a regular basis. Nowhere else.

Peaked your interest?

Come and find us at Industry consulting, one of the eight key areas of expertise of Philips Engineering Solutions, or check out our change management topic.

Change management

Contact Thomas Swaak for more information about change management

Thomas Swaak Managing Consultant Industry consulting at Philips Innovation Services

Thomas Swaak
Senior Director Change Management, Managing Consultant
Industry consulting, Philips Engineering Solutions

Thomas Swaak is a change management master, certified Lean expert and executive consultant/coach/implementer who designs and executes global enterprise-wide business and cultural transformations resulting in sustainable growth. Realizing business impact through solid change management, leadership and team interventions based on approaches from change management, Agile, Lean, Theory U and NLP is his key focus. At Philips he has set up the global change management practice and currently works as a senior director in Industry consulting, one of the eight key areas of expertise of Philips Innovation Services.

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