Out-of-the-box engineering whilst ensuring medical compliance

As healthcare engineering and R&D partner, we realize meaningful innovations for the medical industry. Both in professional healthcare and consumer health & wellbeing. Not only in Philips, but for the entire medical industry. From leading multinationals to start-ups.

Making life better by making innovation work

Being on this joint journey many times, our customers rely on our support when developing a healthcare innovation – be it medical devices or equipment. To meet functional, safety and regulatory requirements. To ensure medical compliant documentation (e.g. to support CE-marking, EU-MDR compliance and FDA approval on medical devices). And of course to tackle your technological and engineering challenges.

This requires multidisciplinary expertise, combined with the right mindset

Our engineers and consultants love to accomplish seemingly impossible healthcare engineering challenges. Driven by their passion for technology and innovation, but even more importantly, their drive to make life better.

With our 1,000 engineers and technical consultants, we are big enough to take on complex innovation challenges. And yet small enough to easily find each other, ensuring a smooth end-to-end development process that your complex medical innovation requires.

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Certified for ISO 13485 - ISO 9001 - ISO 14001

In the spotlight

Gilbert Technologies and Philips Engineering Solutions team up on medical device development

There may be new hope on the horizon for lung patients with difficult to treat conditions, like fibrotic diseases and severe asthma, thanks to Dutch start-up Gilbert Technologies.

Together with Philips Engineering Solutions, the company is working to turn their proprietary soft mist technology into a first-of-a-kind medical inhaler device, which has the potential to improve treatment effectiveness for patients and reduce medical costs.

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Supporting you end-to-end with healthcare engineering

Understanding you want to avoid transfers between suppliers during a medical development process as much as possible, we can support you end-to-end by de-risking your technology and enabling you to realize clinical evidence in time.

We like to act as a long-term partner; from fast prototyping for concept and market testing of health technology devices, to the entire development for (parts of) your medical device production. Up to supporting the integration of new technologies – such as IoT – in your concepts.

Fast prototyping for concept and market testing of health technology innovations.

Test and validate concepts by developing prototypes and functional models will accelerate the process of turning innovative ideas into market-ready products.

Smart medical device development involves cutting-edge technology and strict regulations.

Benefit from our experience in creating proven solutions in health monitoring, connected personal health, patient recovery systems and smart drug delivery.

Provide seamless patient care by integrating and combining consumer and clinical data.

Stringent requirements for regulatory compliance, including privacy and data security, make it a very challenging task to connect your medical device. It requires a combined expertise.

Contribute to one mission: make life better

At Philips, we strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation, with the goal of improving the lives of 2.5 billion people a year by 2030.

We visualize healthcare as a continuum to suggest the notion of continuous care. By addressing healthcare as a ‘connected whole’, we can unlock gains and efficiencies and drive innovations that help deliver on the ‘quadruple aim’: enhancing the patient experience, improving health outcomes, lowering the cost of care and improving the work life of care providers.

By performing together, we can truly make life better

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Challenge our healthcare engineers to make your innovation work

How can we help? Philips Engineering Solutions is your R&D and engineering partner in bringing your innovations to the market. Please let us know how our engineers and technical consultants can help you with your medical or high-tech innovation challenges. Looking for something else? Please see the links below:
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Peter van den Bekerom, Business Development Manager, Philips Innovation Services

Peter van den Bekerom
Business Development Manager
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