Medical Wearables 2019

Medical Wearables 2019

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What are the next-generation medical wearable technologies? What are the most promising use cases and applications? What are the main challenges right now? What’s on the roadmap of the leading companies and R&D groups? These are the key questions that will drive the discussion at the Medical Wearables conference.

The Medical Wearables conference takes place on May 15-16, 2019 at San Jose, California.

CMUTs and PMUTs for Disruptive Medical Wearable Devices

Attend the talk of our colleague Paul Bekkers and learn about how CMUTs and PMUTs will enable disruptive medical wearables applications and add ultrasound ‘eyes’ to personal health devices..

Paul Bekkers - Business development manager


May 15, 2019

Paul Bekkers 

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About Paul’s presentation

Piezo-electric crystals are currently still the traditional benchmark technology for medical ultrasound devices. This technology will run out of steam in the near future when medical ultrasound applications need smaller form factors, larger arrays, larger bandwidths, and integration with driver circuitry for 3D imaging.

Capacitive and piezoelectric micro-machined ultrasonic transducers (CMUTs and PMUTs) will meet these new needs. These technologies will enable disruptive medical wearables applications and add ultrasound “eyes” to personal health devices.

In this presentation:

  • a brief comparison will show the advantages of CMUT and PMUT transducers, as well as existing technology challenges and limitations
  • application examples will highlight the pros and cons of applying CMUTs and PMUTs to various business cases
  • an overview of the recent academic developments and continuing research on these transducer technologies
  • a concise overview on the companies developing and marketing CMUT and PMUT technologies, as well as products and devices expected to be commercializing and coming to the market in the near future
Pleased to meet you!

Want to explore your challenges? Meet with Paul, you’ll find him at tabletop #3.


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